Blue Silicone Group Gasket For E61 / Gaggia Coffee Machines Grouphead/Portafilter - 8.5mm

Blue Silicone Group Gasket For E61 / Gaggia Coffee Machines Grouphead/Portafilter - 8.5mm

  • A higher quality upgrade for your E61 espresso machine gaskets
  • Enjoy cleaner shots with the food grade, odorless, tasteless gaskets
  • The silicone gasket is easier to remove, easier to install and more durable
  • The gasket will fit most modern E61 machines and has a height of 8.5mm. Dimensions 73mm x 57mm x 8.5mm
  • Made in Italy
  • Cafelat Silicone Group Gasket

  • Upgrade your espresso group gasket
  • Food Grade Silicone is odorless and tasteless
  • Durable, and easier to install and remove than rubber gaskets
  • 73mm (OD) x 57mm (ID) x 8.5mm thick
  • Fits most modern E61 group heads
  • Cafelat 8.5mm Silicone Gasket for E61

  • Food grade FDA silicone.
  • 73mmx57mmx8.5mm
  • E61 compatible
  • Compatible with ECM, Expobar, Faema, Pavoni, Promac, San Remo
  • Permatex 80022 Sensor-Safe Blue RTV Silicone Gasket Maker, 3 oz. Tube

  • Effectively replaces almost any cut gasket
  • Makes reliable 'formed-in-place' gaskets that resist cracking, shrinking and migrating
  • Coats pre-cut gaskets to increase reliability without fouling oxygen sensors
  • Temperature range of -65 degrees fahrenheit to 500 degrees fahrenheit intermittent
  • Suggested Applications: Valve covers, oil pans, timing covers, water pumps, thermostat housings, transmission pans
  • Cafélat 8mm E61 Silicone gasket

  • Food grade FDA silicone.
  • 73mmx57mmx8mm
  • E61 compatible
  • Compatible with ECM, Expobar, Faema, Pavoni, Promac, San Remo, Synesso
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  • TWCC Hose Washers 125 PCS, for Garden Hose Gaskets,Hose Filter Screen,RV Water Regulator,Shower Head,Washing Machine Repair Pressure Faucet Water Kit,Made from Heavy Duty Rubber Silicone

  • TWCC Gaskets Assortment Kit Suitable for Assorted faucets, shower heads, garden hoses, washing machines, etc.
  • The Assortment Kit consists of a Gaskets made of rubber and silicone:Silica gel---non-toxic, odorless, healthy and environmentally friendly, good elasticity, and strong sealing;Nitrile rubber-high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good physical properties.
  • The gaskets has good sealing, easy to replace and install, can prevent water leakage, and fit perfectly
  • Types include:Filter Washers 50 pcs,Self-locking Gasket 25 pcs,Common Size Gaskets 50 pcs.
  • TWCC places the corresponding gaskets in the transparent storage box with the size label to prevent loss and mixing.Thank you for your support. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us to help you deal with it.