Godox Transmitter High Speed Professional Compatible

This controller is fully compatible with all Strobepro and Godox lights. The Strobepro Difference Strobepro is the largest distributor of. The X2T-C TTL Wireless Radio Transmitter is the updated version of the popular Godox X1-T controller. Everything you loved from that controller has been... The Godox Australia range of professional LED studio lights provide exceptional illumination for both photography and videography. These continuous lighting solutions feature high speed start and restart and wireless adjustable light brightness to ensure the perfect lighting setup for any shoot.

Godox V860iic Camera Flash And Xpro C Transmitter Trigger Set High Speed Sync Max 1 8000s Function Compatible With Canon Eos E Ttl Cameras V860iic Xpro C Camera Photo

The Godox V1 betters first-party flashes with its round head and rechargeable battery, and undercuts premium alternatives on price. Godox V1 Review. This flash sets itself apart with a round head, magnetic modifiers, and a rechargeable battery. ...gives speed of light response to on camera or off camera x1Family devices for a spectacular advantage on the shoot in any environment. All the x1 Family enabled gear communicates seamlessly: the Lithium powered Godox Li-on Canon, Nikon and Sony TTL speedlights, the Godox...