Bendix Premium Drum Rotor Pdr0747

Bendix. Manufacturer Part Number. PDR0747. Package Width--11.00 in, Package Weight--11.75 Lbs, Package Height--3.25 in, Description--Premium Brake Drum, Package Length--11.06 in. Drums and Rotors. BENDIX® PREMIUM. 100% Copper-Free* Vehicle-Specific Formulas. Premium-Grade Friction Material Engineered to Exceed OEM Performance. OEM Driven Machining Specifications Ensure Smooth Pad-to-Rotor Contact and Trouble-Free Operation.

Bendix Premium Drum And Rotor Pdr0762 Rear Brake Drum Automotive

Bendix has a wide range of products from customised disc brake pads for any driving style through to ancillary products that'll keep brakes running smoother and safer for longer. Whatever you're after, Bendix has the solution! Premium Drum Brake Shoes by Bendix®. These shoes have the correct lining attachment and fitment to prevent brake friction block cracking for maximum lining Global™ Premium Vented Front Brake Rotor by Bendix®. Quantity: 1 Per Pack. Honeywell Friction Materials carries a full line of drums and...