A Healthy Mother Leads to a Healthy Baby – That is the Role of Prenatal Vitamins

When you are pregnant, a whole new level of responsibility comes upon you. You will now be in charge of a brand new life! That doesn’t begin when the child is born but while it is still developing within you. By keeping yourself as healthy as possible, you give your new baby a better chance at being born healthy and intelligent. A very large part of this is to make sure that you get all the nutrition you should have to keep both you and the baby healthy. Doctors are fully aware that it can be difficult to get all the nutrition necessary, especially with things like morning sickness often mucking things up.

That is why prenatal vitamins are so important and the doctor will generally prescribe them immediately upon discovering that you are going to have a baby. While called prenatal vitamins, they are actually a pretty well-rounded supplement that includes some of the vital minerals needed for the baby, like iron. Each vitamin and mineral is just as important to proper growth and development of your baby as it is to your health. The difference at this stage is that while you might get a deficiency, it could be rectified easily. If your baby has a deficiency in any nutrients, it could seriously affect their development resulting in birth defects or brain damage.

The best thing you can ever do for your child is to make sure that they get the proper nutrition to develop correctly from day one. That will ensure the healthiest possible start to your baby’s life. Your baby needs all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your body does to help with all the bodily systems developing including heart, lungs and brain. That’s why it is so important for you to eat properly and take supplements as recommended.

A very important thing that you should take is an Omega 3 supplement. You know that you have to get that and that you can get it from fish. However, your doctor limits you to no more than 2 fish per month because of the mercury found in the fish. Therefore, to get the omega 3 supplement your body and baby needs, you should take it in a capsule form. An Omega 3 supplement will allow for proper baby brain development.

Your baby will be smarter at birth and studies have been made on moms who took an omega 3 supplement during pregnancy. The results show that babies who mother who took it responded better to tests. They were better responsive visually, cognitively, hearing was improved. The benefits were real good. They showed a typical advancement level of 2 months of age. So a baby that was 2 months old, it displayed the cognitive and intelligence of a 4 month old.

As you can see, taking an Omega 3 supplement is very important and very beneficial, therefore if you are pregnant, you should take it.