A Clean Baby is a Happy Baby

Babies are very fragile and keeping on top of all of their care is very important. One of the most important steps to keeping a baby healthy and happy is giving them a bath regularly. A clean baby is a happy baby.

It is not necessary to give your baby a bath every day but it probably won’t hurt anything if you do either. Just make sure that your baby is not getting dry skin, if they are take the baths back to every other day and think about getting some baby lotion for them as well.

While it is not necessary to give your baby a bath every day it is important to sponge bathe their hands, genitals, and face every single day. Bath time presents an opportunity for you to check your baby for an rashes or signs of discomfort.

It is important to bathe your baby in a very warm area. It should be draft free and preferably a decent height for you as well. It is not very enjoyable to be hunched over all the time. Make sure that the water is warm without being hot. During the bath keep your baby in the water the whole time so that they don’t get cold.

There are some supplies that you should get before giving any baby a bath. A very soft wash cloth and towel should be one of the top things on that list. You want something that is not going to irritate their skin at all.

Cotton balls can also be useful for cleaning your baby. They work particularly well for dirty ears.

You want to make sure that you have mild unscented soap to wash the baby with. While scented soap is nice it is usually too harsh for a baby and tends to dry out their skin. Any baby soap is a pretty safe bet but keep an eye on your baby after the first bath with any new product. Check for any signs of discomfort for the next few hours after the bath.

You should also get a baby hair brush to manage any hair that they have. It is important to have a fresh diaper close by as well as an outfit and a blanket. You will want to wrap them up after a bath because your baby will be colder than usual.

There are special tubs that you can buy for giving a baby a bath but they are not necessary. Many parents just prefer to give their baby a bath right in the sink. Just make sure to keep an eye on your baby at all times and never leave them alone.

Bath time is a bonding experience for both babies and their parents. It should be enjoyable for all parties involved so do your best not to look at it as a chore.