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4 Ways To Keep Your Little One Healthy

More than likely being a new parent you have heard all type of advice on how to take care of your infant, some wanted plus some not. Everyone has suggestions about what to do when your baby is well, however here are some ways to keep baby from getting ill.

As new parent you should be ready to take your baby to pediatrician often. Quite a few doctors want to see the baby monthly for the first 6 months and then once every 8 weeks until the baby is a year old. This enables the doctor to evaluate the baby’s growth and one the simplest way to keep your baby healthy. During these visits vaccines might be given. It is very important that you keep your doctors schedule of appointments. These appointments will significantly help to keep your baby healthy for life.

Caregivers unintentionally pass germs onto babies. Simply by not washing their hands after dealing with, pets, food or another unwell children after which picking up baby they can be passing germs along to the child. Babies are invariably putting their hands in their mouths, or rubbing their eyes and noses, thus passing the contagions into their systems. Remember that babies natural defenses are vulnerable when they’re first born.

Dust can take the time a baby’s delicate lungs, therefore it is very important keep the baby’s room as clean and as dust free as you possibly can. You should also be mindful in what you clean the nursery. Some household products could be bad for baby’s lungs. In the event you still can smell the cleaner after you are done cleaning, that is a good sign that you ought to not use that in the nursery. There are many steam cleaners that enable you to clean and get rid of bacteria but not use chemicals that could be bad for baby. Something else to bear in mind is that stuffed toys are cute, however they also collect a lot of dust. So keep plush toys to a minimum and keep these things washed and clean.

Sharing is an excellent thing except with regards to germs. Therefore bear this in mind when you are deciding on a childcare facility. Baby’s natural defenses are weak therefore if one baby carries a cold, it can pass swiftly to the other babies, so you will need to figure out what the sick policy is. Also you’ll want to adhere to the policy; it’s there to safeguard all the children from becoming ill. Speaking of sharing, ask how often employees are required to wash their hands, and how frequently they do a thorough cleaning of toys and areas where your child will spend a lot of time.

Keeping your baby healthy for a lifetime can start now by developing excellent eating habits. When baby is first born breast milk or formula is the best thing for baby. Whenever baby starts eating solid foods, you need to keep the diet balanced with plant based foods and protein. Plant based foods help improve the immune system. Restricting sugar intake is important because sugar can break down the immune system. Developing good eating habits now will begin healthy eating for a lifetime..

Are you aware that your baby gets stressed and that stress can hurt your baby’s well being? Well babies do get stressed and just like us it could affect their health. If you think about it newborns don’t have the capacity to say hey, my diaper needs changed, or I’m hungry. They cry to let us know that they need something, and over time you’ll be able to tell exactly what he requires by the way he cries. Crying can be stressful for babies, so do not let baby cry for a long period. Despite what you may have heard, you’re not spoiling your infant by picking them up when they cry. What you are doing is lowering your baby’s stress thus helping them to remain healthy.

Babies also detect your stress. I realize that it’s difficult to remove all the stress of everyday life. However you’ll be able to change the way you handle that stress. Find a way to eliminate the stress prior to spending some time with your infant. Both you and he will be much healthier for your effort.

Women & Baby – Healthy Living With Natural and Organic Body Products

Maintaining beautiful healthy skin and implicitly a healthy body is the result of consistent skin care which can be based on both natural and synthetically manufactured products. Of course, the most recommended products to use are based on natural elements such as herbs, which offer both a nutritional supply to the skin and a baby glow which cannot be compared to any other manufactured products. They are completely healthy and assure a significant doze of vitamins and minerals to the skin, which are elements that make it maintain its youth over the years.

In what concerns the best natural products recommended for women and baby care, it can be said that most of them are based on Aloe Vera. It is a very useful plant which does not only contribute to a natural feeding of the skin but also heals wounds,and it gives a significant supply of vitamins and maintains the natural color of the skin. The products based on Aloe Vera are recommended for the body care because they are some of the healthiest and also some of the cheapest ones.

Nevertheless, another important element that is fundamental in the body care is the famous olive oil. Its function may not be only referred to the care of the body but also to the care of the face skin and scalp. It contains a lot of nutrients and gives good improvement to any possible skin disorder. The products are natural, organic and do no harm to the sensitive baby skin which is in complete evolution.

Furthermore, it can be noticed that there are lots of products nowadays based on honey and peanut butter. These products are some of the most recommended for children because they feed the skin and help it grow and maintain its softness without causing damage. They do not cause irritations,which in fact that it is very important when talking about babies’ skin. Honey is recommended especially for its natural qualities and peanut butter for its nutrients which allow a greater absorption of water and air from the outside world. Both women and babies will be delighted to see the results after only a few days of using them!

So it is that natural organic products are the most recommended ones for the sensible skin of babies and women. They can be found in pharmacies at the local grocery store and also can be ordered from the internet, as there are lots of websites which commercialize these kinds of products.

After Breast Milk Or Formula – What Next to Keep Your Baby Healthy

After breast milk or formula what next to keep your baby healthy,obesity and the wrong diet causes many health problems, To be more diligent start your baby off on the right foot is the best way, give them lots of green vegetables baby food and fruits, fiber do not forget lots of fruits, and if your child has slow bowels, watch them as they will hold their bowels when it is time for them to move as it hurts them to have a bowel movement! This is age 2-3. We bought a book about a prize they will get if they have a bowel movement, So we would read that book and tell him he could do it and he struggled so hard and cried (we cried too) But he did had a huge bowel movement and had broken out into a sweat. What a night that was and he was so exhausted, he stuck his thumb in his mouth snubbing and went off to sleep.

Some of our friends are having the same problem. This seems to be a common problem today as the diet the little ones eat is far from healthy. Here is one diet:

  • Hamburger with cheese
  • Cat sup
  • French fries
  • Cola or sugar loaded soft drinks or milk

Here is another one:

  • Chicken nuggets
  • French fries with lots of cat sup
  • Milk shake, cola or milk
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Snacks
  • Banana
  • Berries
  • Blueberry Yogurt

Obese children cannot climb up the stairs, they do not have much energy, so they do not burn up all that food they consume. And the sadness of all of this is that they want to eat, french fries, hamburgers with lots of catchup. The do not eat green vegetables, you can forget that and give them what they want to keep peace, I wonder how many mothers do this? A lot I bet! All he would do is pout and say, “no” if you tried to get him to try some thing else.

As soon as lunch was over which ended up being Macaroni and Cheese and not home made, how dare I say such a thing, it would end up being all processed boxes of Macaroni and cheese. With our grandson, we had the bowel problem, he would hold it by putting his knees together and going to a quiet place, hoping we would not bother him, at first we did not bother him, until we could see he was not having one he was struggling not to have one because he said, “it hurts”. its amazing even though he drank lots of water and was very active, he would still be able to hold almost a cup of warm water in his enemas! He is not obese but we worried that he would be,

We seem to be caught up in a macaroni and cheese world filled with preservatives and man made chemicals and peer pressure. Young mothers are so busy learning how to take care of their children that taking the easy way out does not seem to be harmful and so they go along with the crowd! Does any one remember when we had birthday parties at home with birthday cake and ice cream! Our children were happy and we were delighted with the success and how all who came enjoyed the party, but now they are held in fast food pizza eatery with all those video games that children love!

Have you noticed all those big birthday cakes made with lots of sugar and butter. The problem with all the sugar the children eat is they are a ball of fire the rest of the day, cannot sit still and jump from one thing to another, there is very little down time in a household after one of these birthday pizza parties. So young mothers have their hands full and in my mind I think all they can do is the best they can!